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Broke Down?

We can help.


Great Service and Support


“Willie's towing showed us great service and even better support. The staff are so kind and treated us with respect and dignity. I will 100% recommend them. And will forever remember the compassion they shared. Thank you so much!”


Kaila M.

We’ll Hook You Up: Vehicle Towing Services in Medicine Hat

Willie’s 24 Hr Towing Ltd provides vehicle towing services in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas. Whether your car tire needs to be changed, or you require help with hauling your farm equipment, you can rely on us. Our business is lockout licence certified, and our technicians carry lockout licences. We provide 24/7 towing service.

Emergency Towing

We know no one enjoys waiting long to have their vehicle towed, especially during an emergency. That’s why we provide you with prompt service. We
have technicians on standby at all times. They’ll start on their way towards you and your vehicle as soon as we get your call. Regardless of the weather
conditions, we will find a way to get to you.

Scheduled Towing

We don’t just handle emergency services. We also take on scheduled heavy hauling, including sheds, farm equipment, fifth wheel trailers, c-cans, job shacks and more. Like our emergency services, our scheduled pickups are prompt and efficient.

Willie’s 24 Hr Towing 1
Willie’s 24 Hr Towing 2

Request a Customized Quote

Need a scheduled towing of your vehicle and worried about the cost? Call us or visit us to get a free estimate.

We provide competitive pricing on our services, so be assured of getting the best prices in the market.

Met with an Accident?

We provide accident towing services.

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