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Flatbed Towing in Medicine Hat and Surrounding Areas

Great Service and Support


“Willie's towing showed us great service and even better support. The staff are so kind and treated us with respect and dignity. I will 100% recommend them. And will forever remember the compassion they shared. Thank you so much!”


Kaila M.

Flatbed trucks are great for hauling heavy vehicles for a long distance. It minimizes the risk of damage to the vehicle. The deck of the flatbed is tilted and lowered to the ground. This makes pulling the vehicle up easier. The damaged vehicle is easily pulled up on the truck using hydraulic cables. Our trained operators will ensure that the entire process takes place smoothly. 

A flatbed offers a number of options for towing a vehicle. Towing using a flatbed is required when you cannot move the vehicle at all or when it needs to be lifted off the ground. The ‘skates’ feature allows us to tow your car even if it is locked. We can tow the vehicles if they are parked or brakes have been applied. 

Whether you need our services because your vehicle broke down in the middle of the road or there has been an accident, we will be available to serve you 24/7. Give us a call and we will serve you promptly.

Examples for flatbed hauling:


Classic automobiles



Hot tubs



Fork lifts


Farm Equipment Towing in Medicine Hat and Surrounding Areas

Farm equipment towing in Medicine Hat is one of our specialties. When you have towing needs on your farm, you can count on Willie’s 24 Hr Towing Ltd. We ensure reliable and safe towing of your farm vehicle and equipment. Whether you need a scheduled towing or an emergency towing of your machinery, we are ready for it all day and all night. While working on your property, we treat your farm with the respect it deserves and move your equipment promptly.

Scheduled Towing of Farm Equipment

Did you just buy a new piece of equipment but have no way to get it to your property? You can call us right away. We will work with the dealer or manufacturer to get your new purchase to your farm as quickly and early as possible.

Breakdown of Farm Equipment

Equipment can break down just as easily as vehicles. In case of a sudden breakdown of your farm equipment or vehicle, call us. Hauling your heavy machinery or farm vehicle to a mechanic is our responsibility.

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