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Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere With a Flat Tire?

We can help you tow your vehicle to the nearest mechanic.

Great Service and Support


“Willie's towing showed us great service and even better support. The staff are so kind and treated us with respect and dignity. I will 100% recommend them. And will forever remember the compassion they shared. Thank you so much!”


Kaila M.

Your Source for Automotive Towing in Medicine Hat 

Did your vehicle stop abruptly in the middle of nowhere? Willie's 24 Hr Towing Ltd in Medicine Hat is always ready to help you in such emergencies. We can change tires, refuel your vehicle or unlock it to ensure that you’re not stranded for too long. If that doesn’t solve your problem, we can also tow your vehicle to the respective mechanic and help it to get going as soon as possible.

Our Other Roadside Assistance Services Comprise :


Battery boosts

Tire changes


Accident towing

Vehicle transport


Accidents are unexpected. After an accident, the last thing you want to think about is how you’re going to get your vehicle moving. In such situations, you can count on us. Our towing professionals will get to your vehicle fast and make sure it gets to the adequate repairs facility. We can also help with lockout from our licensed lockout technicians. Call us and we’ll assist you.

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